Home Visit Program

Working in partnership with Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS), Kids Putnam provides services to families who have children with developmental delays and/or various diagnoses within their natural settings. There are several full-time developmental therapists (DTs) who serve multiple counties in the Upper Cumberland, including: Putnam, White, Van Buren, Warren, Cannon, Overton, Cumberland, and DeKalb. Within these counties, Kids Putnam is able serve approximately 200 children (ages birth through two years).

Why Early Intervention

The first three years are vital to brain development for all children. By being able to collaborate early on with various therapists, families are more likely to see their children catch up to their missed milestones and have continued successes as they move into the school system and beyond. Kids Putnam prides itself for having well trained, professional individuals who are here to make your lives easier.

Click here to learn more about eligibility and to make a referral. 

What To Expect

First, a referral must be made. After the referral, the family will be called by an evaluator to set up an appointment. The evaluator will conduct a review of records related to the child's current health status and medical history, as well as complete an evaluation of the child's level of functioning in cognitive, physical, communication, social/emotional, and adaptive areas. (No single procedure is used as the only method for determining the child's eligibility under this part.) 

Once eligibility has been determined, the family will then meet with a Service Coordinator (SC) via TEIS. During that visit, the family develops an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that addresses the frequency, type and location of services for children and their families. Developmental goals are chosen by the family during this process, as well. Our goal is to make early intervention a part of the family's daily routine and to make learning fun for them and their child(ren). We start by combining information gathered from the parents or guardians, developmental evaluations, and evaluations by other therapists, and design programming to address the child's strengths and needs.

After the completion of the IFSP, the family will receive a call from one of the DTs within our program to set up ongoing visits. Visits will not look like other therapy you may have seen, however. Kids Putnam uses a family-guided approach to developmental therapy and will work side by side with you to make sure we are meeting the goals you originally made. To monitor this, an ongoing assessment will be conducted during the initial visit and every six months after to monitor the progress the child is making. This assessment not only shares your child's progress with you, but it assists us in coming up with future goals for your child as he/she is in our program. 

We look forward to working as a team with your family to help your child succeed! 

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